What to Do When the Washing Machine Breaks Down

Comparable to any other appliances inside households, washing machines encounter various problems during their operation. There are malfunctions that can be often noted and such can be fixed either through immediate troubleshooting or in worse cases, would require knowledge from technicians who can better do the job.

For households and businesses with washing machines, it is important that those who operate the machine should have adequate knowledge of troubleshooting to immediately fix any technical problems encountered in the operation of the machine.

One of the most common problems among washing machines is that the machine would not start working for any unknown reasons. When such a situation happens, the first thing that needs to be done is to check for the socket and ensure that the machine is plugged in to receive the electrical supply needed for the machine to function. If it is plugged and still not working, one must also look at the receptacle and make sure that such is working.

Agitation is also a common problem among most washing machines, especially among top loaders. The most common cause of such problems would be in the lid switch or in the motor of the washing machines. The spin cycle should be then checked first and ensure its proper functioning and check for the machine’s belt to see if it works properly. If the lid switch is broken, it is best to seek already for help from technicians as such can entail a more serious problem with the washing machine.

Some washing machines, in the process of operating, also show signs of vibrating and shaking, when this problem happens, what could be best done is to check the position of the machine on the floor. It must be assured that the surface is flat to avoid shaking or vibrating. The washing machines should be put on areas that are stables and properly leveled to ensure balance and to make sure that they won’t shake or vibrate when the machine is loaded with clothes.

One of the disadvantages of buying a washing dryer combo is that if one of the units goes out, you might have to replace the whole thing. In every way, you want to get the most cost-efficient washing machine that you can.

When the problems persist and immediate troubleshooting does not prove effective, it is best to seek help from professional technicians to ensure the proper functioning of the washing machines and to avoid further damage as well.

How to Replace an Old Ceiling Fixture with Ease

Taking out an old ceiling light fixture to be replaced with a new one is an easy domestic task to perform. The difficult part is when you have to do it alone and nobody lends you a hand while you are fixing the wirings. However, you can make things easier by being prepared. Make sure that you have everything you need within your reach before undertaking the project.

The first thing that you need to do when replacing ceiling fixtures is to switch off your circuit breaker. This is to make sure that the wirings attach to the light fixture are totally dead before you touch it. Get rid of the diffusing glass first before you remove the bulbs. Make sure that you put them out of your way so they don’t become a hindrance when you begin your work.

Remember that the fixture is attached to the ceiling electrical box only by a rod or screws. When you take away the rod or screws, the fixture will loosen up and the only thing that prevents it from falling down is the thin electrical wires, so make sure that you support it with your hand before you unfasten all screws or rods. To save yourself from more hard work, keep your tools well within your reach so you can easily grab one when you need it.

Before you install your new ceiling fixture, make sure that you have thoroughly examined it for any flaws and you have carefully studied the instructions on how to properly connect it with the ceiling electrical box. If the instruction includes attachment fittings, carry this with you so you can check on it while working on your new fixture. Check your ceiling box for leftover wires from the old fixture. Study your ceiling electrical box first and see how the new wirings are going to fit in.

When you have already examined everything and you have a clear idea of how to proceed, you can now connect your new fixture and then enjoy a job well done.

Light Shades – Home Decor Changes Made Easy

Light shades are available in many different shapes and sizes, serving to add to a room’s decor. Shades composed from silk or stained glass prove very expensive while fabric and plastic shades cost much less. Whatever the shape, size, material, or cost, a shade that is covered in dust or dirt will detract from the natural beauty of your room. Cleaning some varieties of shades for lamps can be more problematic than others.

Hard Lamp Shades
It is essential to perform routine maintenance of your shades each time you clean your room. With soft cloths, dust hard shades composed from glass, fiberglass, or plastic inside and out. Follow up with a special glass cleaner if necessary. If your lampshades are exceedingly dirty, wash them with a mild detergent.

Fabric Shades
There are numerous ways in which to maintain fabric shades free from dust. Dust can be vacuumed from a lampshade with the use of soft brush attachments or removed with the use of a lint roller. A new, soft paintbrush can be used to dust pleated lamp shades.
Exceedingly dirty light shades are able to be washed. However, they must be prepared first. The framework of the lampshade should not be made from metal that can rust. If this type of metal comes into contact with water it will rust and this rust can stain the shade itself. Washable trims should be removed and if the lamp shade’s material is stuck to the frame with glue then sew it in position to ensure that it does not fall to pieces.

Fill a clean garbage can or bathtub with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent. In order to test the material to ensure that it is colorfast, put a few drops of soapy water onto a small area of the material. Submerge the light shade in the water and move it about. When the water becomes dirty, take the lampshade out and fill the bathtub or garbage can with clean water. Repeat the process with the light shade until the water remains clear. Proceed by hanging the shade to dry.

The aforementioned instructions are not applicable for shades made from silk. These are expensive and should only be cleaned by a professional.

Lighting the exterior of your home in style

As the spring weather approaches, it is time to start looking at decorating around the home. Not only should you look at the interior of your home, but just as much the exterior. Spring and summer are the seasons when you really want to create an outside paradise for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy.

Outdoor lighting plays an important role in the look of your house overall and in providing a welcoming feeling to you and your guests as you arrive at your house.

An outdoor sconce can be the perfect outside lighting accessory. Not only will the right sconce be decorative and pretty but also will be functional, as it will light up around the area where it has been hung. There are a few options for sconces. You can go with sconces that are more traditional such as those made out of black rod or iron, or if you would rather opt for a more modern look a cylinder-shaped stainless steel style.

A benefit of sconces is that they provide a fair bit of light but are not overbearing. One of the worst decisions a person can make in setting up outdoor lights that are too bright. It can be unpleasant dealing with the glare produced by these types of lights.  Especially when it is used in motion lighting, it can be blinding and annoying. Sconces offer a lot of light but they are subdued and never overwhelming.

Sconces can be quite gorgeous when used on the exterior of a home. Especially when you use a pair to light the front walkway, one on each side of the front door; it offers a very nice curb appeal. It also ensures you can make it up the walkway and into your front door late at night without worrying about stumbling or falling over in the dark.

For a similar look, you may want to consider hanging up some outdoor string lights around the perimeter of the home. They offer an easy way to get lighting outdoors that is warm and inviting. They typically cost less than sconces so they work well for those on a tighter budget.

Your best bet when trying to decide on outdoor lighting is to head to your local lighting or home décor store to get a better idea of what your options are. You can even talk with a  professional and have them give you some personal advice on what sconces, string lights or other outdoor lighting products would work.

Where To Get The Best Chandelier For Your Home

Buying a new chandelier is a great way to add a new character to any room. Sadly chandeliers are not quite as popular these days as they once were. Though you will still find crystal and imitation crystal chandeliers for sale at big stores like Wal-Mart and Lowes.

To find the best chandelier you will want to start looking at antique shops or at estate sales. An estate sale is much like a garage sale, but on a bigger scale, selling many valuable items from a specific person’s estate. If you want to find your local estate sales you can normally find them in the same section of the newspaper as a garage sale. As with garage sales, summertime has the highest number of estate sales.

This is usually the best place to find a great chandelier for a few reasons. Firstly, your chandelier should be a fantastic breathtaking piece for a formal dining room, lounge, or any other room that needs a special touch of warmth and class. Buying a basic item from Lowes or Wal-Mart is not going to create the effect that you are really going for. An estate sale has the possibility of uncovering a gem from the past, whose craftsmanship will not be found in more modern pieces.

Always go for the best you can, buy a really unique item from a local estate sale. If you can, earmark a full weekend to let you get to multiple antique stores and estate sales. This will give you loads of time to pick out the perfect light. If you want a truly unique chandelier then you could try an artisan woodcarver, if you want even more warmth for your room, then a wooden chandelier could be the ideal chandelier for you. Remember, always go for the best product you can, and don’t settle for less.

3 Important Tips When Choosing a Leather Armchair

A leather armchair is a great piece of furniture to add to your house if you want to create a statement in a certain room in your home. But it can be tough if this is your first time, as there are a lot of different options available out there in the market. Especially with the internet, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Bear in mind, it’s not that hard. All you have to do is spend some time and make the best choice. This is crucial as this will not be a cheap purchase. What to look for when buying a leather armchair? Below are some tips that might help you out.

1. Pick a design or style that matches your room décor. As with most products out there, there are many designs available for leather armchairs. So, it’s very important that you choose one that matches your room décor. It’s not wise if you are an antique collector but you choose a modern-looking armchair for that room. Maybe your leather armchair might stand out as it is different but it simply doesn’t work.

2. Choose the color for your leather armchair. I know it’s tempting to choose your favorite color for your leather armchair. It might work if the color complements the color of your other furniture but if it clashes; then this is not a good idea. You should consider a color that matches the theme of your room décor. If your living room applies a black and white theme, then a black leather armchair or white would be suitable for that room.

3. Pick one that agrees with your budget. A leather armchair can be quite expensive. If you have the budget, then by all means go get a very expensive one. But if you’re looking for one at a discounted price, then you should do price comparisons. With the power of the internet, you can do this easily in the comfort of your own home.

I hope that the three tips above are helpful for your quest for the perfect leather armchair for your home.

Create Extra Storage with Corner Cabinet Furniture

For people that may have a limited amount of space in their home, corner furniture pieces make a good choice. You can easily create extra storage with corner cabinet furniture. These pieces can easily fit in any room’s corner area to provide storage while not using valuable floor space. This can be important in apartment dwellings or even in standard kitchens. The cabinets can be found in several different styles so you have the ability to choose the type you need for your room. Some come as tall cabinet units such as the corner hutch. This piece is generally used in a kitchen to provide extra storage for dishes.

There are smaller units available that also work well as TV stands if you have a television that needs to be placed on a flat surface. These corner units work well for a living room or family room area where space is needed for furniture used for seating. The cabinets designed for use in corner areas might include shelves or drawers depending on the particular style you choose. They may also come as items constructed of wood or molded plastic and metal. The wood pieces are in contemporary designs as well as traditional styles.

Corner cabinet furniture will be found in assorted colors to blend in with the room’s décor. The natural wood items will vary from light to dark depending on the specific color of the stain. You may also find some pieces that are unfinished, which you can paint yourself. Some units may include front door closers or come in an open style. There will be designs created to include glass in the door pieces if you are looking for a more elegant item. The price of a cabinet designed for the corner depends on the size, material, and manufacturer of the piece. It makes a nice addition to any room that could use some extra storage.

4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage, Cherry

Wonderful spacious corner shelving unit. These 4 curved shelves are beautifully placed to utilize any corner space in the home for your shelving needs. The uprights are predrilled for the screws to attach to the wall. The hardware comes with drywall anchors so all you need is a drill, drill bit, and screwdriver to fasten the unit to the wall. Constructed of composite board and highly durable PVC laminate. Clean with a dry non-abrasive cloth. Assembly required.

Four Types of Unique Green Rugs

Green rug makes your room looks lively and refreshing. As such they always become the selected piece for modern home interior deco. Green rugs like green wool rug and green shag rugs are come with many patterns and designs. Different designs and patterns of these rugs are matched with different room style. Thus it also compliment to different sets of home furnishing. Here are some remarkable and beautiful series of green rug that definitely spice up your home and offices.

Polo Annabel Green Area Rug

This is a half-round shape of green area rug. The rug is made from full nylon. However it also finished with latex backing. As far as concern these rugs are offered with few shade of green color like lime green, dark green, tea green and peppermint green. The different green tone of rug is available for your kind selection. In terms of care, these rugs are available for machine wash. However you are strongly advised not to wash them with strong chlorine detergent. If possible, wash them with carpet cleaner.

Jenna Vein Green Wool Rug

This beautiful lime green rug is a unique piece that adds style to your room. The piece is accomplished through handcrafting. The making and construct of these rugs take more than 3 months. This hand-tufted rug is a precious collection for many home and families. Thus this piece of art adds the esthetical value for your room.

How do Carpet Cleaners Charge for Their Services?

Getting your carpets cleaned can be a confusing task. Many people pick up the phone book and start calling companies in the order they are listed. Inevitably the consumer has one question, “how much do you charge?” While this is a valid question you should know how the companies arrive at their price and what is included in their services before contracting with a company that offers cheap carpet cleaning. There are two basic methods of determining prices for carpet cleaning. They are the per area method and the square foot method.

Carpet cleaners that use the per area method of pricing will establish a set amount for a standard size room. They will also have maximum square footage that will be included in the price, and anything over that footage will be considered another area. So, say you have a living room that is 315 square feet and you would like to have it cleaned. If the cleaner you call charges $35 per area up to 250 square feet you will have to pay $70 to have the one area cleaned. Many carpet cleaners use this pricing method because it is fast and easy to understand for the consumer. The drawback is that some customers will pay more while others pay less. For the cleaners, it will usually even out over time. Many cleaners will also provide special pricing for small areas such as halls and bathrooms. In addition, some cleaners will even charge the room rate and then only charge for the exact square footage over their maximum.

The other method of carpet cleaning prices is the square footage method. The cleaner will measure the length and the width of the room and multiply by their going rate. The average price per square foot for carpet cleaning is around $.28. So, if you have a total of 500 square feet of carpet the price would be $140. Many cleaners will subtract for large unmovable items such as large entertainment centers and pianos. Square foot pricing tends to be fairer for the consumer since you are only paying for the actual carpet being cleaned.

It is important to remember to not only ask what method the carpet cleaner uses but also what is included in the price. There are many underhanded cleaners that thrive on adding extra charges and hidden fees to increase the price of the cleaning. A respectable cleaner will disclose any additional fees upfront such as trip charges or extra fees for pre-spraying extremely dirty areas. Always ask whether there are additional costs and get a written quote before letting the cleaner begin.

Both of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages; however, they are both respectable methods of charging for carpet cleaning. The square footage method tends to be the best; however, the per room method is easy for an over-the-phone quote. Just remember to always ask about additional charges so that there are no surprises when it comes time to write the check.


How to buy vertical blinds

There are many different models of vertical blinds for a homeowner to choose from.  These types of blinds are suitable for large windows and given that most American homes have big windows, it is little wonder that vertical blinds are so popular.

Here are some of the types of vertical blinds that you can consider in your purchase.

Vertical cellular blinds: these blinds are constructed using tiny cell-like objects. This creates a cellular structure that is able to trap layers of air between the cells, hence allowing the blinds to have good insulation capability. In addition, cellular blinds have a very beautiful grain design due to this cellular structure and they are a good choice for homes that want to create a modern and contemporary look.

Vertical bamboo blinds: bamboo blinds are great for people looking for more eco-friendly products. Bamboo material can be replaced more easily as the plant can survive in harsh weather and poor soil conditions. This means they are a more replenishable resource compared to other types of wood. So, for the environmentally conscious, this would be the ideal choice. Even if you are not looking for eco-friendly products, bamboo vertical blinds are still a good choice especially for the outdoors as they can be more weather resistant than other wooden blinds.

Vertical pleated shades: These types of blinds have a unique shape when they are folded out. They have a wave-like structure that looks really nice on your windows. The biggest benefit of pleated shades is their flexibility. They can fit into any odd shape window, from oval to square to triangular. Due to such flexibility, homeowners with such window shapes love to buy them.

The three models of vertical blinds are some of the latest models you can find in the market. By knowing about how they work, you should be in a better position when you are shopping for them.