Announcing CDF's 2013 Blog Partner Program!

Each year our guests have amazing and unique experiences and this year, our five blog partners will help bring different perspectives of the Festival to their readers and our guests.  Our blog partners will cover the Festival and examine the different experiences found at the Festival by way of their specific angle.   We are grateful for their hard work and invite you to join us in welcoming the 2013 Chicago Dancing Festival Blog Partners!

We encourage you to check out their blogs and stay tuned as they continue to bring great insight in to the experiences of the Festival!  Please welcome:

Rogue Ballerina: The 'voice' behind this Chicago-based dance blog is Vicki Crain, who will bring you highlights of dancers, choreographers, directors and "all-around artsy performance folk."  Vicki will be providing you with an 'insider's look' into the Festival.

ChicagoNow: Get Out and Have Fun Around Chicagoland: Blogger Shari Schmidt writes with a focus on family-friendly events in Chicago. She will be sharing information on the Festival events and how your family can enjoy them (as she's bringing her own family as well!).

The Contrapuntist: Culture Through A Musical Lens:  Miguel and Erin’s passion is captured in their blog highlighting the art of music. Both have completed formal music training.  As the Festival highlights great dance companies and movements, Miguel and Erin will provide an ‘insider’s look’ into the Festival’s music.

D Underbelly: Baraka de Soleil’s blog explores the artistic world that focuses on strong cultural presence and community. Baraka will examine the diversity of this year’s Festival.

Adventures in Yes: Written by Scott Silberstein - multi-Emmy-Award winning producer, composer for HMS Media and a company member of the Tony Award-winning Lookingglass Theatre Company - is an avid fan of the arts. His blog is a collection of his thoughts from a 'regular guy's' perspective. It's his way of getting away from behind the stage and into the audience. Read along with him during the Festival to watch, listen, and enjoy the show!

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