Interview with Trey McIntyre

We sat down briefly this week with Trey McIntyre to discuss his piece, Just, that Oregon Ballet is performing at the New Voices concert, Tuesday, Aug. 18.

Chicago Dancing Festival: Most of your work seems to be created to popular music; was there a particular challenge, or different method in choreographing to Henry Cowell’s more classical composition?

Trey McIntyre: There is a different method and challenge to creating any piece. The difference isn’t so much in the musical choice as in the content and what the work finds itself to be about.

CDF: Are there relationships or stories within the couples or between the couples?

TM: Sure, but not in a linear sense like she loves him and he loves her.

CDF: You were resident choreographer in Portland, and Artur and Alison worked with Trey McIntyre Project. Did knowing these dancers influence the creation of Just? How was it different than creating work as a guest choreographer with other companies?

TM: It made a huge difference. The more I know a dancer, the further we can go. It’s one of the main reasons for starting Trey McIntyre Project. I’ve been working with companies all over the world for over 20 years and had truly reached a ceiling in terms of growth. There are basics we have established. Developed intuition. Trust. A deepening of ideas.

CDF: There are difficult ballet steps in Just. Is it your most challenging piece for dancers technically?

TM: No, but perhaps the most exposing technically. Not much to the costumes.

CDF: Any other behind-the-scenes points that may be of interest?

TM: The costumes were created by first time costume designer Patrick Long of Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Anne Mueller says:

    I’m Anne, one of the dancers who’ll be performing “Just”. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Trey over the years at Oregon Ballet Theatre and Trey McIntyre Project. I’d love to answer questions about the ballet or my experiences working with Trey if anyone has anything they’re wondering about.

    Dancing this ballet is quite an intense experience. It is very demanding from a stamina perspective, particularly towards the end. There is an exhilirating satisfaction that goes along with getting to that state. Three out of four of us are part of the original cast and have danced the ballet together everytime it has been done. That is also very special, to share such an intense experience with your peers.

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