Dancer Highlights

What happens when over a hundred of the country’s greatest artist athletes meet backstage? Chicago Dancing Festival is a melting pot of talent. Give yourselves (and others) a shout-out by commenting below. Welcome to Chicago!

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  1. Dolores Ochoa says:

    I know personally what Mr. Marc Macaranas, is saying when he talks about the stamina that a person taps into when they are as passionate about their work as he is. Personally, I am an interior designer and I teach part-time at City Colleges of Chicago, and there is that almost organic level of the movement of your own creative and professional pursuits that, through your training and through your instincts, you’re able to surpass any preconceived level of achievement. It (your work) takes on an exciting level of its own. And, the other exciting thing about it is that you get other people to pull from themselves their own individual levels of excellence.

    Wonderful experience everyone - Bravo!

    • Vin says:

      Great comment Dolores. Thanks for sharing. I think years of training creates a wave of momentum. And if you can let your instincts ride that wave… that is an exciting place to get to indeed. Best of luck to you and your students.

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