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Can Dance Lead to Weight Loss?

Obesity is a significant problem in the United States and some other countries too. Extra unwanted pounds can easily lead to heart problems, diabetes and other illnesses and disease. So, it is imperative that each person takes maintaining a healthy weight very seriously.

Unfortunately, losing weight is not always easy. Therefore, people will try almost anything to get the extra pounds off and keep it off. From taking dangerous diet pills that they buy over the counter to spending lots of hours in the gym. These solutions to weight loss may not be healthy or practical.

No More Dreading Getting Up off the Couch

Dance Exercise

Thankfully, there is a fun and effective exercise option that people need to consider because of its overall success. Dancing can lead to weight loss and body sculpting. Because dancing can be enjoyable, it will not only allow people to move around; it will speed up their metabolism. Dancing is enjoyable, especially paired with great music. It allows exercise  time to pass by quickly, and most people don’t feel like they are working out.

If you want to know if dance can lead to weight loss, the answer is yes. It is also important to note that some people use dancing to maintain their weight once they shed the excess pounds. So, all a person has to do is get started and schedule dance sessions a few times every week.

Nutrition is Important

Exercise alone cannot always lead to weight loss. A good nutritional diet will help burn calories and speed up losing pounds. It is important to understand what foods are essential for the body and mind.

Lauran Best discusses what foods are critical in a weight loss plan. She also defines how exercise and diet work together to ensure the best success in losing weight. Her message is simple, “You don’t have to spend hours and hours at the gym to lose weight.”

Choosing the Right Types of Dance

Not every dance routine can lead to weight loss. People may need to select the ones that are fast paced and those that target specific parts of the body. According to various health and fitness sites, dances that include aerobics are considered to be an excellent way to lose weight.

The more vigorous you dance, the more calories you burn. Many great dance routines and classes promote weight loss. It is easy to find one or more that suits your needs:

Salsa Dance
Salsa Dance
  • Put on some spunky pop tunes and let the music direct your movement. This is called Freestyle Dance.
  • If you are looking for dance routines that will reduce your waist, Belly Dance works well.
  • Hip Hop represents a very urban style that uses every muscle group.
  • Some classical dance styles can be fun to dance with a partner. Salsa Dancing provides a fast-paced option.
  • Gyms offer classes that use dance routines. Zumba is very popular today and gets the body moving.
  • Many community recreational centers offer fun classes in Jazzercise. Jazzercize has been popular for years and combines dance steps with jazz.

Speeds up the Metabolism

Burn Calories

There are some guidelines that people must consider when devising an exercise dance plan. Based on the amount of weight that the person is expecting to lose, he or she should begin by determining how many calories they will need to burn. Because some dances are more intensive than others, the individual may choose a dance routine that will speed up the metabolism significantly. Or, if the person is trying to maintain their weight, they may start a regimen that includes 30 minutes of moderate dancing a week. Either way, the types of dances can help to determine what kind of results that they will get and how fast the metabolism will speed up.


Dancing to lose weight is ideal for people who care about how they look. However, before getting started, it is essential that people choose the right kind of dance routines so that they can burn the most amount of calories as well as speed up their metabolism. People should also include a healthy, nutritional diet.


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